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I'm now going to reveal the simple formula that makes
profiting from Pay Per Click (PPC) ads devastatingly simple.

From: Andrew X & Steven Lee Jones

Future PPC Master,

Q: Do YOU know how Google&trade makes money? Ads. That's right... online commercials. Most of them are text ads, which aren't very fancy at all, and they're short. No long sales copy here.

The way it works is simple...

  1. You sign up as a Google&trade AdWords advertiser
  2. You create an ad and bid on keywords that ad will show up for
  3. Google&trade charges you roughly enough to buy your own private island for clicks on your ad
  4. Then Google&trade tells you that you'll have to bid more in order to get good traffic
It's not always that way, but it sure does feel like it.

What If It Were Easy and CHEAP?

What if you could know the "insider" information that would let you play the Google&trade
game like you worked there and owned the algorithm?

What if you could make money hand over fist with AdWords, without giving the lion's share of your profits to Google&trade?

What if you didn't even need to own a website at all?

And what if you could take these killer Google&trade AdWords strategies and kick the snot
out of Yahoo and MSN too?

Well, I'm about to give you all that and more... but it's time to reveal a dirty little secret Google&trade doesn't want you to know...

Google&trade Intentionally Stacks The Deck Against Advertisers
(That's YOU)

Yep, you heard right. It's not a fair fight at all. Think about it...

Google&trade makes money with ads, right?

Okay, so they have a vested interest in you buying more ads, and in you paying more
for the ads you buy. Right? Hey, that's just good business. Google&trade sells ads, and they
want to sell lots of 'em for top dollar.

I can't blame them. I want to sell my own stuff for maximum profits, so I can
understand where they're coming from.

But consider the poor, ignorant AdWords novice who slaps down a few hundred bucks
to see what this AdWords thing is all about. He has no idea what he's in for. What
he'll get is a severe beating at the hands of a multi-billion-dollar corporate behemoth
that will reach into his bank account and drain it bone dry.

And here's the really unfair part... he won't have any stinkin' clue why he didn't make money.

Not a single idea.

Sure, it could be because his ad stunk, or because his market's saturated, or because whatever he's promoting with his ad smells like week-old fish. But it also might be because it's Tuesday and Google&trade wanted to jack up their profits.

Google&trade simply doesn't explain what's really necessary to kick AdWords butt. Why should they? They make truckloads (literally billions of dollars) off of the ignorant.

If Somebody Would Just Reveal The "Secret",
You Could Make A Killing!

There are people out there right now making $100, $200, $500, or even $1,000+ with AdWords every single day of the year. That's right, 365 days
a year, including Christmas. For them, it's Christmas every day.

There's only one reason for that...

It's not because they're geniuses. I know some of these people, and they're no brain
surgeon, let me tell you.

It's also not because they're doing anything against the Google&trade (or Yahoo, or MSN)
terms of service. They're not breaking any rules, and they're not "cheating"
in any way.

And it's not because they're "connected" at Google&trade. I'm certainly not, and I'm robbing Google&trade blind!

No, the reason these PPC "gurus" make out like bandits is because of what
they know

The Experts Know The "Code"

They know the formula, the secret code that tilts the entire PPC equation in their favor. It's almost unfair.

These people know how to force Google&trade to send them exactly the traffic they
want, for pennies per click
, and without having to worry an ounce about any
so-called competitor.

In fact, they scoff at competitors!

They whip out the big nasty gun and blast any competitors to smithereens. And they
do that in any niche they pick.

And here's the shocking part...

They do it at light speed. There's no "let's ramp up slowly for a year" with these guys.
They charge the beach and mercilessly slaughter their competitors before they even
know what hit them. It takes them only days to dominate a niche, and within weeks they're pulling in four and five figures a month.

And they do it again, and again and again.

It's all because of what they know... and that knowledge gets them past the fear, the sluggish starts, the bank account crippling "runaway" campaigns. They don't have
the frustration you have
, and they never have a negative ROI on their campaigns.

You see, their reality is different from yours...

PPC Isn't Black Magic

When you first start, PPC seems like some kind of mysterious incantation you have to perform over an animal sacrifice. It's almost incomprehensible.

Why didn't your last campaign work? Why did all of your keyword research amount to squat when you turned your campaign on? Why did you get a small army of clicks,
but not a single, solitary sale?!?

It's the most frustrating thing in the world... until you unscramble the code.

Back in WWII, the Allies had no clue what the Nazis were up to until they captured the Enigma decoding machine. Then they knew exactly what Hitler's goons were up to... and they beat them six ways from Tuesday.

That's exactly what PPC can be for you once you crack the Google&trade code. And all the
major search engines ape Google&trade, so the formula works for them too.

You'll be able to bend Google&trade to your will. You'll show up where they don't expect, and pick their pockets.

Then your reality will be just like the Google&trade code breakers world—where money flows
in like a stream that just won't stop, on almost complete autopilot.

I know that might sound too good to be true, but believe me, it's not. I'm living that
reality myself, and it wasn't always that way.

I completely understand the frustration you're dealing with, because I've
lived it.
Now it's gone, and all because I finally stumbled upon the unscrambled code
for PPC wealth.

And I have some news that's going to dramatically explode your life to levels you can't imagine right now...

I'm Going To Hand You Your Own Enigma Machine

That's right, I'm going to give you the "code unscrambler" that'll let you break inside the Google&trade battle plan and shock the living daylights out of them.

They'll be expecting you to play the regular game, where you sign up and pay through
the nose for clicks that don't do diddly for you.

But you'll be smarter than that. You'll know what the PPC masters know. You'll
have the secret formula that lets them skip all the frustration and start spending the cash.

No more throwing your hard-earned money at clicks that don't turn into sales.

No more being jealous of the guys who are pulling in $300, $500, $1000 or more every single day while you pull your hair out to see pennies.

Like I said, it's not a matter of being a genius, or of having thousands of dollars to flush down the PPC hole while Google&trade keeps you in the dark.

It's about knowing what the experts know... and now you will...

Introducing The Affiliate Star Code...
That Google&trade Definitely Wishes You Didn't Have

After wandering around in the dark with no clue why PPC was only taking money from me instead of giving me some, I finally unscrambled the code.

Affiliate Star Code tells you exactly what I figured out, so you don't have to go through the pain I did (and if you've already experienced some
pain, you can stop!)

Google&trade won't be able to fight you, and you can stop sending them the lion's share of what you make from
your ads. It's time for the $100+ profit a day that you thought was a myth...

  • You'll get advanced strategies that are good for 2008, not the tired old stuff
    that doesn't work for PPC anymore.
  • I'll give you the insider secrets that let you manipulate Google&trade's own
    to obliterate your competition.
  • Finally you'll know how to leverage Google&trade's traffic to transform yourself
    into a Super Affiliate
    ... and watch the big bucks roll in.
Affiliate Star Code will give you an unfair competitive advantage... and there's
nothing anybody can do to stop your profit juggernaut.

PPC can be a gold mine, and Google&trade's AdWords program is one of best known PPC
engines there is.

But it's time you woke up to the truth nobody seems to tell you when you're just getting started...

Without The "Secret Formula",
AdWords (and PPC in general) Is A Sinkhole

It's quicksand, and you'll get sucked in.

That's not what you'll find online, though. You'll find website after website talking about how easy it is to beat AdWords into submission. You'll see the gaudy numbers. You'll hear how you can see massive profits in minutes.

In a way, they're right. But it never starts out that way for the uninformed. These folks wander around losing money... lots of money... and never know why. When they're bank accounts are empty, they scream that AdWords is a scam, and they give up.

I understand. The funny thing is, they're right and wrong at the same time.

They're right because Google&trade stacks the deck against you. They're the "house" in the casino... and they know they'll win in the end if you play enough.

But they're also wrong, because PPC isn't a game like roulette, where you'll never be
able to win consistently, no matter how hard you try. No, it's a game like BlackJack, where you can count cards and walk away from the table with your pockets
full of money... if you have the formula.

I learned that the hard way.

I Was An Ignorant Google&trade Dupe Too

I didn't always know the formula. The code started out just as scrambled for me as it probably is for you right now. Yes, I did pretty much everything wrong, just like you're doing. Take this little quiz to know what I mean:

  Have you ever bumped up your PPC keyword bids without knowing why you did it... just because you thought spending more money would bring you profit?
  Did you really understand the PPC game before you got in, or did you think you'd just "give it a try"?
  Have you ever thrown together a list of keywords you weren't confident of... because you thought, "Hey, ONE of these is bound to work"?
  Have you gotten sucked into thinking that you need to start slow... when that's EXACTLY the kind of mistake Google&trade wants you to make?
  Have you ever thought that the only thing that kept you from making a killing on AdWords is not having the "perfect ad"?

Gosh, I made all of those mistakes. Literally all of them... and a bunch more I'm too embarrassed to list here.

I was so frustrated I could scream (actually, I did scream, quite often). I knew people
were making a killing with PPC, and that they were saying it was easy, when it seemed anything but easy to me.

And then I figured it out. I broke things down and really got into why Google&trade was doing what they were doing, as much as a non-Google&trade person can figure it out. I decided I was going to understand PPC, and AdWords in particular, inside and out.

I wanted to know how it could be so dog gone easy for people... and then I wanted to make it flip-a-switch easy for me. And yes, there was a little bit of "get back at
Google&trade" in there.

Now I've crammed all of that learning, all of that knowledge, all of that
formula magic into Affiliate Star Code.
Here's what I'm talking about...

Affiliate Star Code Breaks The Code

It's time to stop guessing about what works in PPC land. It's all in here, because I don't want you to have to bleed as much as I did to figure it out. You might fight, fall down
and skin your knees a time or two, but that's nothing a little first aid won't fix.

Here's a "sneak preview" of what's inside...
This isn't a fluffy "here's what AdWords is" ebook. I give you the basics, for sure, but I'm going to take you so far beyond that that it'll blow your mind. It's time to start playing the game with the big boys. That means you'll discover...

  • How to triple or quadruple your profits with simple, easy PPC campaigns that blind side Google&trade.
  • The exact blueprint for leveraging Google&trade's monster traffic for an income that'll make your competitors drool... and wonder how in the world you did it.
  • How to create powerful, unstoppable PPC campaigns that bring waves of cash flooding into your accounts.
But let's get very specific about what you'll discover when you fire up your own Enigma machine and start eavesdropping on the enemy...
What the top 100 Google&trade advertisers are hiding from the 99.9% "losing" Google&trade advertisers. There are pockets of wealth that are making the experts tons of money... and YOU need to know about them.
Super-charged keyword matching techniques. This is the secret to getting optimum fit for your campaigns, and getting profits that might seem flat-out illegal (but they're not)!
How to avoid choosing the wrong keywords at all costs. If you don't, you're just adding dollars to Google&trade's coffers and helping your competitors get rich as they learn from your mistakes.
How to maximize the power of your PPC ads. This goes WAY beyond the ad itself... and knowing how to do this will help cripple your competition.
The magic trick PPC experts use to make sure their bidding always wins. This is how they get ideal ad placement, right in the sweet spot, and stay there for as long as they want to make money. How'd you like to be able to do that?!
How to avoid the classic PPC mistakes. These are the ones even experienced PPC campaigners foolishly make. Recognize these pitfalls and you're ready to hit the big time!
How to break the money-sucking cycle of using the free click formula on AdWords. What could be wrong with "free"? I'll tell you, and this one bit of knowledge alone could save you a boatload.
The real truth behind click-through rates (CTRs). If your keywords get a higher CTR, does that mean you're making a killing, or does it mean that Google&trade is cashing in on you?
How to make tons of money without owning a website—EVER. And no, this is NOT what you're thinking. Armed with this information, you're simply unstoppable.
The right way to turn neglected parts of your ads to your advantage. Just this one secret trick is like striking gold on your own property.
The 3 major mistakes that 99% of Yahoo and MSN advertisers make in their PPC campaigns. Google&trade is critically important, but Yahoo and MSN can shower you with cash too... if you avoid these major gaffes.
Why Google&trade counts most. Yes, Yahoo and MSN are worth using too, but Google&trade is the big dog, and for good reason. (HINT: Google&trade counts so much, as I'll show you, that you should neglect the others if you have to).
How to use psychology to make your ads irresistible. These dynamo psychological techniques (proven to work, by the way) make your ad copy a click magnet... which will bring you dazzlingly more profits when you do the other things I tell you to do.
"Advanced" techniques for dialing your profits up to HUGE. You'll know exactly how to use contextual advertising, keyword matching, CTR/ROI balancing and optimization, and so much more. Don't worry if it sounds foreign to you now... I'll explain it all in minute detail.
How to avoid getting burned with "perfect" ads. Hey, some things may look great on paper, but there are some pitfalls that Google&trade wants to keep hidden so they can make you give them more money. Not after you read this!
How to create powerful, unstoppable PPC campaigns that bring waves of cash flooding into your accounts. It won't matter what your competitors do once you know this. You'll simply win all the time!
How to easily and instantly boost your conversion. This is the fast track to improved ROI, even with your shakiest ads.
The secrets behind those obscure keywords that are secretly worth big bucks. No, it's not what you think. This goes way beyond the free information you'll find online about "long tail".
How to expand your profitable keyword list from 50 to 5000 in under 3 minutes. This is one of the best-kept secrets that the experts flat-out refuse to reveal.
How to ensure that your keyword matching system reels in the motivated prospects while ditching the time-wasters and other unwanted clickers.

This is the manual I wish I'd had before I blew so much on PPC without knowing what I was doing.

This isn't just another PPC guide...

This Is PPC At An Entirely New Level

I'm going to hand you the secrets that give Google&trade the edge over their pathetic competition.

Even better, I'm going to show you how to manipulate each of those secrets into your own powerful profit engine that'll blow away YOUR competition.

This isn't the same old stuff that will leave you frustrated and get you nowhere.

Things like:

  • Why being on the first page of Google&trade isn't enough anymore. This will
    shock the AdWords and SEO "expert" out there... but you'll make out like a bank robber with no police pursuit.
  • Why a lot of websites become total trash. This makes prospects flee at first glance, no matter how good your ads are.
  • Why "keyword density" is such a useless bandwagon... and why the real
    PPC experts have jumped off it.
  • Why going with the latest fad or trend, be it product promotion or site creation, will only drain your wallet and frustrate your brain!
  • Why any advice that tells you to avoid starting with affiliate products
    is bunk.
    Starting with affiliate products really is your best bet, bar none, and
    I'll show you why.
  • Why starting "slow and steady" can kill you. It sounds so smart, but it's
    SO wrong.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Everybody's results will be different when they use the Affiliate Star Code, so
I can't guarantee you'll make $X or $Y with this. But I can definitely say the income potential is vast.

This guide is going to show you how to steal Google&trade's gravy train for yourself!

You won't be a multi-billionaire overnight (never believe that kind of hype), but you
can certainly replace your day job within 3 to 6 months. No doubt about it!

Once you know what I'm going to reveal to you, it really will be "easy" the way
you always thought it would be

Financial Freedom Is Literally Clicks Away

Why did you first think about making money online?

I bet I know.

It was the dream of making money yourself, without depending on somebody
else for a paycheck
, right?

That's the desire deep inside your heart, isn't it?

It's not your fault if that hasn't happened yet. Believe me when I say that.

I'm sure you didn't plan to hemorrhage cash into Google&trade's corporate bank account.
I'm sure you didn't dream of flushing money down the AdWords hole with nothing
to show for it. But you couldn't unscramble the code.

Now I'm offering to do that for you, in a few simple pages literally anybody can understand and use... within minutes of reading.

Just imagine being able to do some keyword research and whip up a killer ad in a few hours...

Then imagine turning on that campaign and going to bed confident that you'll see
cash in the morning...

Then imagine waking up to see hundreds of dollars sitting in your AdWords account.

Even better, even more life-changing, imagine knowing without the shadow of a doubt that you can (and will) do the same thing today... and again tomorrow... for as long as you want.

Finally, imagine being able to walk up to your boss and tell him, in no uncertain terms, where he can stick the stupid things he makes you do.

That's what financial freedom means. And Affiliate Star Code can give it to you.


How Much Is Financial Freedom Worth?

It's hard to put a price on being able to walk away from your job.

It's even harder to put a price on the toys your extra money will let you buy.

And how in the world can I value extra time with your family?

It's different for everybody, so I won't even try. Instead, do some math in your own head.

Let's say Affiliate Star Code lets you make $50 per day in profits from your PPC efforts (a small amount, really). That's an extra $18,250 in income next year.

How would that change your life?

And what if you made $100 per day? $200? $500?!

I'm talking about life-changing money that can give you the time and
income you want to live life on your own terms...

Travel where you want, when you want, how you want.

Ignore the alarm clock in the morning... if you even use one anymore.

Never miss your kid's sports game, or school play, or graduation again.

Buy the things you want, without ever worrying about how much they cost.

I'm living that way because of what's in Affiliate Star Code, and you can cut
right to the chase. You don't have to go through the painful learning experiences
I had to endure.

And I want you on the "other side" with me, so I'm going to make this something you don't have to think about...

I could charge $197 for this and feel perfectly justified. Why?

Because you might save that much in the first month versus what you've been burning up on PPC waste. Or you might make that in the first month if you've been too afraid to take the PPC plunge. Affiliate Star Code will get you past both of those.

But like I said, I don't even want you to have to think about this for a minute.
So put $197 out of your mind.

You'll get Affiliate Star Code for only $77. It know it's nuts, but that's what
I'm offering you. When you start making $100 a day from your PPC campaigns,
that dink amount will seem like pocket change.

But let me take away every last excuse you might have by offering you this:

Start Weaving PPC Magic
Or Owe Nothing For Affiliate Star Code

I want you to be awed by your results, not just satisfied.

What I'm going to show you can radically turn your life upside down, in a good way, and I want you to see that for yourself.

So try it without any obligation at all.

Put it to work for a full sixty days. See if it doesn't take your PPC results to a level you thought was only a dream.

If it doesn't, or if you're not satisfied for any reason (and I mean any reason), say the word and I'll refund every penny you gave me. PPC might still cost you lots of money, but Affiliate Star Code won't cost you a dime.

How's that sound?

But I'm not quite done...


Special Bonus

The Incredible Secret That Will Generate
Over $250 Every Day Of The Week,
Virtually On Autopilot,
For Less Than 30 Minutes Of Work

If you join Affiliate Star Code right now, we'll also reveal the super duper, uber genius lazy man strategy that made one of my customers $15,000 in the last 2 months and it took him literally 30 minutes of "work" to do it.

And that 30 minutes of pushing buttons brings in about $250 every day. It takes no maintenance, no website, almost nothing. Hands down, easiest cash on the net EVER!

Yes, by being one of the first 50 members, you will receive this secret... and when I say "secret", I mean secret. No one teaches this method!

I'm not kidding when I said this is by far the easiest thing anyone could ever do on the Internet for quick money. In fact, just hearing the little 5 minute spiel about how simple this actually can be for you is worth $1,000 by itself.

If you're sick of playing the PPC game with zip to show for it, you don't have to flush
money down the toilet anymore.

Yes, I want to work some PPC magic for myself and
start robbing Google&trade blind...

  I want to skip the frustration and start seeing positive ROI on my AdWords campaigns within days.
  I want to stop lining Google&trade's profits, and start lining my own.
  I know you're taking all the risk, and that your Price of $77 will disappear like PPC profits for people who don't have your manual...


Download Your Copy Of
Affiliate Star Code™ Now!

You'll get your very own copy of Affiliate Star Code for $197, $97 ...

And if you act fast, you'll get in on the uber genius fast-actor bonus worth $1,000 minimum.

Both of those can (and will) vanish in a flash, so don't miss out.

Isn't it worth it to start seeing huge PPC profits on autopilot... without the stress or financial risk?

Download Google&trade Magic Formula Now

Download Affiliate Star Code Now!

I'll send you your PDF file within seconds when you confirm your credit card information with ClickBank. Click the link below, and start working the magic!

To your PPC profits,

Affiliate Star Code

P.S. If AdWords has taken lots of money from you, it's time for revenge. Take it all
back, and then some! Affiliate Star Code shows you exactly how, and
you can get started within minutes.

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